Tuesday, 22nd of May, Hotel Park, Ljubljana

Urban Beat is a festival themed afternoon with a green cause!

The love for nature, bees and urban culture will be united and experienced through a lovely gathering located in front of the urban and green hotel Park in Ljubljana.

The event will include a wide variety of different music, creative, recreational and culinary activities for all ages.

Neisha’s School of Rock n’ Roll, Artish art fair with an included “Fragrances” workshop for children, tightrope walking, Miss Earth fashion show eco clothing, Trkaj’s concert in honour of his new single “Migi”, Indian street food, Street theatre, “forest soak”, urban beekeeping, urban stories and more!

Martin Rojnik (S.U.R.F. institute) and Aleš Erbežnik (Food for Live) will present the initiative Kucha Chasti, whose goal is to gather resources for a minimum of 200 meals for the less fortunate citizens.

Urban Beat