#FUKSi 2018

#FUKSi 2018

One year older – more curious, more daring. The idea for this year’s FUKSi came to life all on its own. Ljubljana was urban and it was time to spread FUKSi’s ideology all over Slovenia. But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. From environmental cleaning actions, dance workshops and all the way to alternative “forest soaks”. Through different events all around Slovenia we captured people in our camera lenses and we captured rhythms in our bodies. From free photography workshops to energetic dance battles. This year, Ljubljana showed us its industrial side as we moved the scene of the crime from the city’s centre to its most urban location – Tobačna City. There, we witnessed musical sensations like the world-famous Morcheeba band, our local “father of techno” Umek, elephant walker Ten Walls and others. The cherry on top was “Sladica” (dessert), which brought the festival to a sweet and magical end, that left us with strong impressions from which we continue to set milestones in our FUKSi story.  


Day activities 2018

Charity, art and urban events

Artists 2018 (Night)

Ten Walls
Mike Vale